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9-ColumnTime Manager - 3 Sizes to pick from

9-ColumnTime Manager - 3 Sizes to pick from

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  • 300 Sticky-notes included
  • Dry-Erase Marker, Eraser and marker holder
  • Non-Staining Laminated surface with heavy poster stock

Daily time manager blocks allow for a full-hour planning or select half-hour planning. Basic planner comes with 300 2" x 1" sticky-notes and marker with eraser. Sticky-notes are the perfect way to fill out this daily tracking of schedules for personal or work flow. Manage schedules with the ease of sticky-notes instead of writing and rewriting tasks. Move notes around as schedules change. Specially laminated surface holds notes tight. Our sticky-notes have 50% or more adhesive for better stick and flatness. Super erasable surface will not ghost or stain and works with wet-erase markers too. No cleaners required. Each kit comes with 300 appropriate sized sticky note plus marker and eraser. A kit comes with 600 plus marker, eraser and tray (kit is optional).

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